about us

More Than Cut and Paste was formed in 2010. Our brand is far away from perfection. Please don’t compare us with a.e.i.o.u. products or other big name in the cards industry cause we are just people who like to make handmade cards as our free time hobby. Our love for colours and hand-crafted is reflected into our one of a kind handmade cards. The card is rare, only being made one, and the most important thing is, we filled it with our love.

We actually don’t make cards for sales. But currently we are unemployed. Graduates who are unemployed would do anything for a living and this is what we’ll do, sell our beloved ‘pets’ to the people who love handmade cards. We are not meant to be cardmakers but this is what we love to do. We like to think our small brand is where all the imagination comes into reality. This kind of enthusiasm comes from heartfelt,our own creativity.  For every cards we make we seek out originality, high detail hand-crafting, distinctive pattern work and also vibrant colour schemes. Thank you for visiting and please, spread the love!

With kindest regards,